Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Zynx's Escape


Inspired by the success of Flappy Bird I decided to create a 2D game with a similar mechanic.  I am not into making straight up clones, so I switched up things to create a different mechanic.This also allowed me to punch up my JavaScript, 2D art, and UI skills.  I used the the GameClosure Framework, which I recommend because it has some built in features like billing which make in app purchases easier to implement.  This will be available on Android, I-Phone, and maybe Windows phone soon.

You play as Zynx RedRabbit, a rabbit who enjoys wearing turtle shells for armor.  You must escape from an endless horde of beasts, who will move at ever quickening paces throughout the game.  You can defeat the beasts by going inside of your shell and knocking the snurbles back into the beasts.  You can also collect gold in order to purchase shells with special abilities.