Sunday, December 15, 2013

Free Art!

If you clicked through hoping to get your hands on some free art... Sorry but you'll probably be disappointed.  It seems to me, that these days asking for free art for your indie project is a normal thing to do.  I see this from a somewhat cynical position...  I've been around the block a few times, and know that it's a tough world in terms of your game project taking off.   Though it seems that since I have received emails, and see many posts on indie forums for unpaid work, there must be a sizable number of artists doing work for free.
I have thought about approaching others, or posting a "job" on a forum for my own projects... but being that I am also an artist, and know what it is like to be young and aspiring I cannot really do this in good conscious. I would feel as though I am taking advantage of the artist, because in all reality I would in fact be doing so.
Others may disagree with me... but I feel that art is undervalued as it is, everyone wants bad ass art... but they don't really want to pay for it.  We see this in companies large and small. When you as an artist give your work for free, that only adds to the perception that what we do is cheap and disposable.
I am curious about how many artists out there have found doing free work to be beneficial to them.  In my case, if I am gonna work for free... might as well do it for myself on one the million ideas I have in my head... rather than on someone else's idea.  I'd love to know other's perspectives.

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  1. Yeah man, I did a design recently and the guy wanted to pay 1/3 of my asking price after I finished the job, saying he was low on funds. Of course instead of just paying full he said he would pay 2 thirds of the work and not use my logo because I still wanted the full price. It goes to show you how much people value art sometimes. He rather pay for nothing than to pay the remainder of what I was asking!
    Honestly, free artwork is b!llsh!t and no artist should be doing it under the misconception that this work will give them "connections". It not only undermines our profession but creates a vacuum with an entitlement mentality for a service that require's HARD SKILLS and talent to do. Freelance art is not a drive thru and shouldn't be price matched against happy meals.