Wednesday, July 10, 2013

current #gamedev thoughts for this project

Below is video of my most recent progress for this project.  what I have:
1. Character movement (sneaking, running)
2. Mice that have AI and can be caught.
3. Ability to drop bait that attracts mice, and can be eaten by them.
4. Interactive physics objects that can be broken bases on set parameters.
5. XML loading and saving of game parameters.

What I need to do:

1. change control stick to touch movement control from touch anywhere on screen.
2. Improve physics object interaction and performance.
3. Fully implement game parameters loading and saving.
4. Add drop-able trap objects.

RPG element or not?

Realistically I think I need to add an RPG element to the game including beating other mouse catchers and taking their business.  This adds quite a bit of additional work, so Ill see if I have time to get into this.  It would definitely make the gaame more fun and engaging.....

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