Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Cherry Bomber Demo... and other thoughts

I have seen a couple of posts lately where indie devs broke down the stats from their games.  I was glad to see these, given I was thinking about publishing this game solo.  The articles were informative.... and... a bit depressing.  (see here)(here), and (here)  Looking at the info though, it seems unlikely my game will be able to compete with the gigantic marketing machines employed by the larger companies.... What to do?  I am as of yet unsure, but it seems like if possible finding some VC, or a publisher might be a better option.  Given that, a publisher or VC will see potential in this project.
Currently it seems like the indie games space, and maybe games in general is just oversaturated with content.  It seems extremely difficult to stand out from the ocean of games out there... At least without backing to help you cut thru the noise...  Any body else out there have some insights?


  1. I think one strategy to have is a 'suite of games'. plan out your next 4-5 games and when several are out there cross promoting, that's when you make expectations about revenue.. one game out of 5 is a very different thing than a game all by itself. a game of five makes more than a game, on average.

  2. hey the captcha image doesn't work on this blog! I tried 2 browsers, it appeared to be broken. I just now thought oh, there's an audio capture as well, and that works. You might be missing out on comments because people think the captcha doesn't work.

    1. Hmmm dunno why captcha doesnt work... Ya I think that a lot of indies are making games that are for pc or what not.... Like with humble bundles. I am reaching for mainstream market... My highest goal being to make an something that is successful like angry birds. Where I can get revenue from the game but more than that from the IP itself.... I know its a high goal... But it is what I am thinking.